Friday, April 15, 2011

Owl City Shirt

OMGASINGOSH! I got my Owl City shirt in today! It's about a size to big, but I'll make it work. Here are the pictures!

I love this shirt. I have been to the dentist/orthodontist/oral surgeon many many times before. I have braces now and I've had 3 surgeries. Not fun. Anyways, here's a view of the shirt on me. I'm sorry it's backwards, I took it in the mirror then came down stairs to upload it and my mom said she could have taken it. I didn't think of that.

It's really long...

So to shorten it up, all I did is tucked the front into my pants and left the back as it was. Here are the results...

And the back...

And that my friends, is my shirt. =]


  1. LOVE IT!!!! What's mine look like? :)
    You look confused in your pictures.

  2. You know what yours looks like. ;]

  3. Your rooms a mess, you should clean it.

  4. What an adorable shirt. Loves it!

  5. Your parents need a matching shirt that says" My kids got a nice smile and were broke because of it :)"

  6. Haha.
    I LOVE my shirt!!!! Thanks so much!!!