Friday, December 16, 2011

Americas Next Top Model, Alison

This final girl is my favorite girl. Her name is Alison. She has huge gray eyes, and long blond hair. She has an awkward runway walk, and she thinks nosebleeds are pretty.
She's introverted and takes AMAZING photos. Here's Alison.

I think my favorite picture of her's is the close up of her with the red powder on her face. This post ends my Americas Next Top Model series!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Americas Next Top Model, Ann, Sundai, Jaclyn

For this post I'm going to combine three of the girls, because I don't have many pictures of them.
The first girl is Ann. She was extremely tall and skinny and awkward. She didn't have a strong runway walk, but she could take some amazing photos! I think she won top photo 5 or 6 times. She also won her cycle. Here are some of Ann's pictures!

This next girl, Sundai, was in the petite cycle. I liked her because she had a good attitude, and didn't pick fights. When she came in, she had really long hair, and for her makeover they chopped it all off. I loved the hair cut! Here are some of her pictures.

The next girl was a very enthusiastic , fun, squeaky voiced girl (Some of the other girls made fun of her for how high her voice was, but I loved it!). Her name is Jaclyn, and I liked her, because even though her face wasn't as angular as the other girls, she still took some really strong pictures. Here are some of them!

Americas Next Top Model, Lisa

The next Americas Next top Model girl I'm posting about, is Lisa. She won this cycle which they called the All Stars cycle, because they picked girls who didn't win the other cycles to come back to this one. She was REALLY loud, and not afraid to express how she felt. Here are some of her pictures!

I'll post about another girl later!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Americas Next Top Model, Nicole

I love Americas next top model. I think I've been watching it since cycle 11, or 12. I like how many interesting faces you see on the show, every one is different. Also, I like how Tyra chooses plus size girls, and not just super skinny girls. I think just because your not a twig doesn't mean you cant model! One season, I actually saw a girl get voted off because she was WAY to skinny, and they thought she might send a negative image.

I also love watching the photo shoots, because they get to do some really cool stuff! Once they got to ride a camel, and another time they shot under water with some really flowy scarves. They got to pose in really tall stilts, and once they posed in massive dresses made out if recycled material, in a land fill. I've seen one where they posed with a baby leopard (I think it was a leopard), and they also got to pose hanging from wires, dressed as ninjas with all sorts of different weapons.

The only thing I don't like is the drama. But I think that's inevitable with a house full of a bunch of girls. =/

One of my all time favorite girls is Nicole. She was very quirky, and had awesome red hair, and she won her cycle. Here are some of her pictures!

I will be posting about some of the other girls I like. :)