Wednesday, April 20, 2011

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils

Today I will be reviewing a crowd favorite, NYX's Jumbo Eye Pencils!

Look at those gorgeous colors! I only have two of them, but I'm hoping to go to Ulta tomorrow to pick up a few more. I'm going to try to collect every color because they are only about $4 a piece and Ulta always has a $3.50 off of $10 coupon available in their ad. Don't be dumb like me and not get the white one when there are three of them sitting right there! They are their best selling color and I can almost never find them.

Anyways, these work really well for bases and liners. I wouldn't use them all over the lid alone, because when they're not blended out, they tend to crease a bit. Like to use the blue (Electric Blue) as a liner on my water line, then do a light brown shadow all over my lid. I use the gold (Gold) as a base for brown or gold shadows, but I always blend it out with my finger before applying the shadow. Here are some swatches...

These are SUPER creamy and bendable and the blue stayed on my water line for three hours! The blue has tiny little flecks of silver glitter that are gorgeous under a light purple shadow. You can get these at NYX's website or at Ulta for around $4 a piece. You will meed to get the special sharpener for them which is about $4 as well.


  1. Wow....these look great...I love that blue!!!!

  2. The blue looked really good the other day! Use the gold one sometime when you're at my house so I can see1 :)

  3. Will do! It really makes the brown in my eyes stand out.