Saturday, February 5, 2011


One of my favorite makeup brands is NYX. They aren't too expensive and the products are really good! They recently posted a contest page on there Facebook wall and I decided to give it a try. Since the Superbowl is tomorrow, the contest was that you needed to send them a picture of a makeup look that you did using the colors of your favorite NFL football team. I don't watch football, so I just went with my dads favorite football team which is the Oakland Raiders. Their team colors are silver and black and I figured that those colors would make a good smokey eye, so that's what I did! I can't find the picture but all it was is a gray lid with black in the crease. I also put on lip gloss and patted a little bit of silver powder over it and it looked really cool.

Also I apologize for not posting very often, it takes a long time to put together a look and take pictures. I am also starting a babysitting job next week and it is going to be permanent so it will take up a lot of time. But with the extra money, I am saving up for the new Urban Decay pallets. I'm so excited! There are three new pallets coming soon and they are the Feminine, Dangerous and Fun pallets. They come out on February 8th and I will post a link ASAP.

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