Thursday, December 15, 2011

Americas Next Top Model, Ann, Sundai, Jaclyn

For this post I'm going to combine three of the girls, because I don't have many pictures of them.
The first girl is Ann. She was extremely tall and skinny and awkward. She didn't have a strong runway walk, but she could take some amazing photos! I think she won top photo 5 or 6 times. She also won her cycle. Here are some of Ann's pictures!

This next girl, Sundai, was in the petite cycle. I liked her because she had a good attitude, and didn't pick fights. When she came in, she had really long hair, and for her makeover they chopped it all off. I loved the hair cut! Here are some of her pictures.

The next girl was a very enthusiastic , fun, squeaky voiced girl (Some of the other girls made fun of her for how high her voice was, but I loved it!). Her name is Jaclyn, and I liked her, because even though her face wasn't as angular as the other girls, she still took some really strong pictures. Here are some of them!

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