Monday, October 3, 2011

Me A through Z

Ok, starting back up with this series on F! And I decided that for now, I'm going to do one letter a day, with little posts in between, because lately it has been wanting to make every thing I type a link. It gets frustrating.

F: Friends. I can count my friends on one hand. I like that, because I really know all of my friends, and they aren't just dozens of people I see every day at school.

French Fries. I just think they're really good, especially McDonald's.


  1. Fries are totally my weakness and I agree Mickie Dee's has some good ones!

  2. -Ohmygosh, I'm so late replying!-
    You're always there for me. Love you, Beebs!
    And for the french fries: they're irresistible! Why do you think there's so many fat people in the world?!?