Tuesday, May 3, 2011


On the 15th of May, I will be dying my hair. I will go from brown head to RED head. I was inspired to do this by one of my favorite singers, Hayley Williams. I was looking at there page on Facebook, an noticed that Hayley was on the cover of Cosmopolitan with BRIGHT RED hair! Here are some pictures from her photo shoot...

This one is for Krista, because she posted on her blog about how she liked the Let Them Eat Cake products from Etsy.

This dress is my favorite outfit that she wore. Super cute! Those are all the pictures that I found, I really love her hair color. This is the color that I will be dying my hair and I can't wait!

I do not own any of these pictures, they are property of Cosmopolitan Magazine.


  1. Her hair looks so firey red in these photos....I LOVE IT and I hope you will too by the time I'm done with you :)

  2. Yay! It's so cute, I'm so excited to see your hair like that! :D

  3. I can hardly wait! 11 more days...